Our Culture

The team is our greatest asset. 

At Summa, we don’t believe in hierarchies, and we all put effort into supporting each other and creating the safe environment for everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Open communication is key.

We value openness with employees and collaborators, encouraging everyone to voice their opinions and ask questions. We are always willing to listen to different perspectives and consider them thoroughly in our interactions and decisions.

Embrace the journey. 

While we take our work seriously and do not lose track of our objectives, we also want to have fun doing it! Working hard and enjoying life should go hand in hand to get somewhere; that’s why work-life balance is one of the highest priorities within our company, as we believe happiness amplifies intelligence, capabilities and effectiveness. 

Our Core Values

Everything we do is inspired by our values:

  • Honesty: “Stay true to ourselves and others and protect work-life balance
  • Inventiveness: “There is a solution for everything, but it may require unconventional thinking
  • Perseverance: “We approach every challenge head-on and stay committed till the end
  • Energy: “Being active and having fun, we get more work done
  • Rigour: “Transparency and high-quality science is what brings our business forward

We can go on and on with our values and our vision, but if you really want to know… meet us!